How Australians used their platforms upon creating awareness on body shaming

How Australians used their platforms upon creating awareness on body shaming

Anyone can be a victim of body-shaming, including models and artists, not just women but also in men, imagine the impact it brings to the models and imagine what more could be the impact of that to just a regular person with no support system or no one to tell them that it is okay to have an imperfect body, that it’s okay if you have a large or small body type and that it is not necessary to have fitness model body like. Some social media influencers were also struggling coming up with a perfect picture to post online, they consider lots of things like lighting, their pose or how they can extend their creativity with advertising and promoting their contents to their followers because of the binary standards the society put us into.

Australian models started a movement, whereby they reject photoshopping their bodies. Promoting loving their own and celebrating authenticity, living worry-free regardless of dealing with flaws. That’s why they are famous for bragging down and calling out companies that are making alterations with their body. They were eager to win the battle between the models and companies to show transparency when it comes to their editorial sections.

Lots of campaigns and awareness towards body shaming has been brought out because of this.

Modelling agencies Melbourne dealt with their promotional staff and promotional models upon making the same quality of work but from a different perspective. It is important to highlight the beauty in scars, in freckles, tattoos and uneven skin tones because even maybe it is not pleasing to the eyes but distorting images just to make it look pleasing was like lying to their clients and dealers.

When these issues came to light, it resulted in a huge vacancy in jobs when it comes to being brand ambassadors. Australian models gave justice and enlightenment, they are included in one of the many countries that models were speaking up and making a change.

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